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Are there any Membership Fees or Dues?

There are NO membership fees or Dues to join and ride with us.  The only cost will be for a new black leather vest and the patches dedicated to the Knights on Bikes, and the yellow riding shirt.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

You do not have to be a member to join us on our rides.  However you or a sponsor member must contact the Diocesan Chair to let them know you are planning on riding with us.

Do I have to own a motorcycle to join?

You must currently own or plan to buy a motorcycle in the next 6 months.

Do I have to have a motorcycle license and motorcycle insurance?

Yes!  You must have both a Motorcycle License/Endorsement and Motorcycle Insurance in order to join and continue to ride with us.

How often does Knights on Bikes Florida meet?

Most Diocesans have something planned at least once a month.  Additionally we meet a the State, Regional and/or National Level at least once a year.

Do I have to ride a Harley? Are there certain requirements the motorcycle must meet?

You can ride any make model you like. We strongly encourage that you have a motorcycle that is safe and comfortable at highway speeds (70+) for distances of 200 miles or more if you plan to join us on rides outside of your Diocesan. All motorcycles much be in sound mechanical order and safe to operate. This is for the safety of the entire group.

How do I join a ride for the first time?

The easiest way is to get in touch with someone who is already a member, the Diocesan Chair or Council Captain and join the ride as their guest.

Do I have to wear specific clothes or gear?

As a guest you can wear whatever you like as long as it does not have any inappropriate language or images.
Once you become a member you will wear a yellow long sleeve shirt with black vest and blue/black jeans for our casual rides.  For rides that include attending Mass or other formal event you will wear a white long sleeve shirt black vest, tie/bolo, black pants.  We highly encourage everyone to dress for the slide note the ride. Full gear including helmet, boots, gloves is encouraged.

Do I have to have group riding experience to participate?

No you do not.  However please let the Road Captain or who ever is leading the group that you have little or no experience in group rides so that they may go over a few safety rules and place you in a safe spot in the group.

Do I have to be a Catholic and/or a Knight of Columbus

Yes, you must be a Catholic and current Knight in good standing with your Council (and Assembly if 4th Degree) in order to become a fully patched member.  You may ride as a guest with us anytime even if you are not Catholic or a Knight.

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